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Year 5-6 week 1 happenings


On day 1 students took on the role of interviewers and introduced a classmate to everyone. They had the challenge of seeing if they could speak for 1 minute about their partner without saying “thinking sounds” such as ‘um’ and ‘er’. We had 2 people make it over 1 minute, with the longest making in to 1m23s.

Students have gotten to know each other very quickly. They can now pass a ball around the classroom in alphabetical order without speaking in 45 seconds (they might have had a little bit of help). A brand new record for any of Mrs Frizzell’s classes ever! Big things expected now!

Students have begun writing a ‘Remember Poem’ about their summer holidays with lots of exciting stories being shared. These poems will hopefully be the first piece of work to be put up on our display wall which the students have voted will be called ‘Shiny Super Sheets’. Should have some super work on display throughout the year.

Thursday was the first Art lesson with Miss Olsen and students are creating lots of great artwork about themselves and what it means to be an artist.

They have had some giggles while learning about factors and multiples with a video of a teacher rapping about these maths concepts and a class that likes to dance while learning math.

Students are madly finding out facts about Germany with their very first German lessons starting this week as well.